Lightening-fast onboarding

We help get new talent set up, connected and productive fast.


Easy workplace set-ups

Choose how you want your new talent to work, we’ll organise everything else to make it happen... hassle-free.
Work from office or work from home, no problem.


Getting teams connected

  • We help with getting new talent set-up, connected and working faster than you ever thought possible.
  • If you’re building a team, we assist with team management workflows that are designed to optimise performance.


Cloud-based workflows & integrations

  • We set-up and connect new talent onto most cloud-based apps such as Trello, Slack, Monday, Microsoft Teams and more.
  • For advanced workflows we also manage third-party app integrations and data flow to further optimise efficiencies.


Equipment procurement & installations

Hardware and software purchasing is made possible via our procurement division.

If required, equipment deployment and installation services are available to have new talent up and running without delay.


Software installs & updates

  • Critical software installations and regular updates are managed by Rubii to ensure talent are always operating at their best.
  • Our IT specialists notify you in advance if and when an upgrade or major system updates are required to minimise operational downtimes.


Induction programs

  • A comprehensive induction programs for all new talent is completed prior to hand-over to promote smooth transitions.
  • All new talent are introduced to the client’s company, history, its people, culture and standards.

Don’t just take our word for it

Where do you want to employ?

Our recruitment network is part of a global community of professionals.



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Frequently asked questions


Our international recruitment and management team work remotely from Australia, France, Hungary, Philippines and India.

Our head office is located in Hong Kong, China.


The talent we acquire for our clients are located in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Europe and across parts of South East Asia such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Pakistan.
Our professional recruitment team have decades of experience working with many multiple-national organisations such as Trend Micro, Microsoft, News Corp to name a few, but assist many other SMEs such as banks, large real estate firms and the health industry.

We have the capability to not only target acquisitions at a domestic level within your own country, but also abroad.

Once of our core pillars is that “we go to where the best talent is” and therefore trade with a borderless mindset.
Yes, absolutely.

Our software is design to assist management and business owners to secure better performing teams, whether they are located within a physical office environment, or remotely.

Our software encourages visibility, accountability and compliance across your labour force.
We have various rate models depending on your business objectives and recruitments.

Offshore recruitment

Rates for offshore talent acquisitions and head hunting services range between $15 to $120 USD per hour depending on the talent’s professional skill-set, experience and country of origin.


Monthly subscriptions start at $30 USD per month which includes up to 2 users. It's $30 per user, per month thereafter.
Fill out our quick and easy Get Talent Wizard. This wizard will give us a great insight as to your requirements.

You can send us an email with a summary of your recruitment needs.

If you prefer to chat, please schedule a call directly with one of our professional recruitment specialists.

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